Free living memorial GPS app - tell & share their life story


Build and edit a memorial directly on your Smartphone (Android and IOS) anywhere in the world for Free.

Easy to create

Easy to upload and share images, video, audio of your loved one - direct from your phone.


Invite family members, friends colleagues to join the Remembrance Community and contribute their stories.

The Plaque

Use a simple app template to build a full and permanent life story within 2 minutes.


This free living memorial GPS app is the perfect way to share with family and friends the memories of a loved one who has died. Cause App Download NOW.

Keep Their Memory Alive – helps resolve funeral grief felt by the death of a loved one. Use the Living Memorial GPS App or attach a Memorial Plaque to build remembrance community of family and friends.

Your special place of rest for a loved one, be it a headstone in a cemetery or favourite beach, is GPS fixed in the ‘Living Memorial GPS App’ and then you can see and share your own memorial along with other memorials nearby.

It takes less than 2 mins to build once the FREE App is downloaded (donations to the upkeep of the Free App – click here) onto your Smartphone (Apple or Android) frheader-ktma-beach-newyorkom App store or Google Play or direct link from here.

RFLandappRichard Longworth created the App and Plaque after his father passed away and he heard stories from relatives about his fathers life that he had not heard before. It occurred to him that the stories being told by his cousins should be recorded as part of his fathers life story for his children grandchildren and great grandchildren to understand what made his father so special.


But he needed a way to access the information from a special place ie a gravestone, he invented the coded Memorial Plaque which is attached to a gravestone of special place and using everyday Smartphone technology links the gravestone to the Memorial App, so anyone with the App can scan the Memorial Plaque and understand the dead persons life story and legacy in images and words. Memorial Plaques work anywhere and are shipped all round the world, to find out more.

The Memorial Plaque comes in a sympathy gift box with simple instructions and can make the ideal condolence gift – helping people remain in contact and sharing memories.

slider-evolve-ktma-plaque-boxThe Memorial App helps you build a lovingmemorial with the help of your remembrance community who have been invited to join the memorial set up. The community can share their own thoughts images and memories of the person who has passed away.

Plaque & App – How it works

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