Mrs J from Rhode Island – Added an obituary for Ryan who passed September 2001
Tess from London – Added an obituary for Thomas who passed April 2012
Jay from San Francisco – Added an obituary for Jack who passed May 2002
Mrs H from Manchester – Added an obituary for Liam who passed April 2015
Sue from Sydney – Added an obituary for Paul who passed March 17

Family Members

On the death of a loved one, you can log in to a secure memorial area and create an update or amend a loved one’s life story. You can add stories, add images and share the memorial with friends and loved ones. All this is FREE. Find out more.


As a browser or visitor, you can view obituaries, images, and videos. You can search for loved one’s life story or family members memorial and share their memorial on social media. You are free to access as many times as you wish. All this is free. Find out more

Funeral Homes

As a Funeral Home or Funeral Director, you set up your own homepage with contact details, images, facilities, and logo. Your business can then offer an obituary memorial service to your customers and families. This is FREE to Funeral Homes. Find out more
The video below shows you how the simple free memorial app works. At their death celebrate a loved ones life and show and share the love you felt.


Explore some beautiful memorials set up on the death of a loved one. Creating a long-lasting and loving memorial show and share your love.

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